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…with the letter M – Mirta Toledo 2005 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

For the Full Moon, the forecast for dates before the 10th, or Jupiter direct, please see the previous two posts. Have a wonderful week!

The 10th it’s Pedal to the Metal, with a full-out effort by each individual or entity to express the maximum authority he, she, they, or it holds. We somehow sense that right now, that’s a smart thing to do, and we’re given the inventive idea and the perfect action to take, and all of it’s aligned with our highest values and respects those things to which we’d like to dedicate our energy. Any drawbacks? Not really, though we should know that if our efforts aren’t working, they fail because we either aren’t recognizing our own inherent limitations, or we are attempting something that strays from our values guidelines, and so should be avoided anyway.

Today’s word image is a snow globe. This image is so ‘not summer’ that it suggests to me a time marker–but are we looking forward to this coming winter, or back at the last one, or another even further in the past? And for those in the Southern Hemisphere, this may apply to right now. So how do we tell? Think of it as a kind of crystal ball; when you visualized a snow globe, what did you see inside? That is a big clue as to what this symbol means for you personally. I visualized a scene of two children making a snowman, which just happens to be the illustration on a decorative plate my husband gave me when we were first married. For me that plate was a symbol of how much he wanted a family–and I think points up how that attitude is still the centerpiece of things for us both. So for me, a nice reminder of one of the things our life together is built around. What’s in your snow globe?

On the 11th our Instincts May Test the Limits of our current life direction, and we may have the ways we’ve misunderstood our own values, exaggerated our negative issues, and refused to accept the smart uses of our own power to thank for it. We may be faced repeatedly with examples of how what we think we stand for is not what we really stand for, how our detailed attention to injustices and hurts has only given them a more prominent place in our consciousness, and how we have avoided using what clout we do have, out of either a misguided idea that to be powerful means we can’t also be pure in our intention (a misreading of the ideas behind ‘power corrupts’), or because we may think we need to be the only one with power in a situation in order to be effective–and both interpretations are not just wrong, they suggest we have a lot of distorted perceptions around power and its use that we need to examine. Best course today is to take a step back from anything that makes a demand on you, so that responses can be considered, rather than automatic.

Origami Elephant made from a US $1 bill. Released into the Public Domain

Today’s word image is found money. I don’t mean money you have stashed away and forgot about, only to ‘find’ it later, or the cash from selling your old junk, or a surprise inheritance, I mean literally found money, in a public hallway, a stairwell, the street, or other place accessible to many and where no one lingers–meaning that whoever dropped or lost it is long gone. Recently I’ve seen someone find a dollar in a parking lot (exclaiming, “Look! I’ve graduated from finding quarters!”) and seen someone find a one hundred dollar bill in a parking garage (she turned it in to building management in case someone reported losing it, but after 10 days they returned it to her, saying, “It’s all yours.”) It’s nice to get a tip from the Universe, a blatant message symbolic of you having worth–but we get found energy in other ways, too, like from a truly friendly connection made with a stranger, assistance offered or given, or a compliment or smile delivered just when we need it. Your job today is to notice just how many times you are given these little energy ‘boosts’, and how many times you may be the one offering a boost to others.

The 12th seems like a quiet (figuratively speaking) day, as thoughts and communications display two consistent characteristics: we wrestle with trying to understand what’s healthy, and we refuse to recognize reality. All the noise may be in our own heads, and real-world interactions have an air of unreality as we speak, act, and do from behind a clear but Impenetrable Barrier that keeps us from having much impact on (or any understanding of) surroundings or circumstances–and the same goes for everyone else. Retreat a bit, and try to get straight on what’s actually good for us, and what’s not such a big deal (hint: there’s no need for confusion, you already know). The world and all its wonders and ills will still be here for you when you mentally return to it tomorrow, sans invisible shield.

Carl Blechen – ‘Gorge at Amalfi’ 1830 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is liquids–all of them. Notice where they are, and where they are not, and if you choose to look at them as symbolic of emotion, what does that tell you about your world and your feelings within it?

On the 13th thinking is optimistic and what’s wise steers us into our best future, but uneasiness with power in all its forms, and a (somewhat Self-destructive) wish to turn off the mind and act purely on instinct gets in the way of any potential leaps forward. What’s the issue? Like the sad refrain to a song that never seems to end, we see what we’ve ignored, denied, or hidden exert its influence–and if we surrender to an avoidant urge, we envelope ourselves in confusion, deception, or a simple disconnection from reality. Dealing with those denied matters head-on clears them out much more quickly than we anticipate, and even better, it gives us a positive and highly accurate take on our own power expression–which give us Confidence to Reach Out in forward-thinking ways. Clue to getting along: stay out of power struggles, and if others try to engage in them with you, modify your stance so that they can’t find a handhold with which to pull you down.

I believe “Butter my crumpet!” is a pre-war British expression of disbelief. CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=137966

Today’s word image is a butter knife. Doesn’t it seem contradictory to use something with much more aggressive connotations (a knife) on something as pliable as butter? Is there something you’re tempted to ‘put to the knife’, which would be much easier to handle if you’d just give it time to soften a little?

What is this obsession (okay, more like a preoccupation) with our thoughts and whether our thinking is ‘healthy’ or not? By ‘healthy’ I think we probably mean ‘beneficial for us’, as this kind of mental patterning can mimic mice running a maze that’s all dead ends. The 14th brings mental issues/ reasoning front and center once again, and we may be hard pressed to see that we’re not wondering about health so much as we are about the Personal Power to Heal. We’re obsessed with our ability to care for and nurture ourselves. That can be a potent thought (fear?) if we doubt our own strength, our reach, and our ability to foster our own well-being. We may feel keenly a need for such nurture, and a strong awareness of our solitary form adds a note of uncertainty–can we do it? Indicators give a resounding ‘Yes’, with two things to remember: one, Mother Nature is on your side–let her do her thing–and two, relationships, especially those that provide comfort and support, will show you what to do. Love can offer tangible, uplifting benefits at this time, and can heal what you didn’t even know was injured.

Today’s word image is two candles, one of which won’t stay lit. Is there something (or someone) you’re trying to ‘keep the fire alive’ with, that just isn’t responding (or you’re not responding to) as you’d like? It’s important to see when something isn’t working, or doesn’t stir the kind of passion it used to–there’s no shame in seeing things for what they are. It’s vital to being in touch with reality that we recognize when the time for something has come and gone–letting things that are no longer valid go makes room for what’s new, and what really matters to us, now.

Today, the 15th, is the day to pursue ambition fulfillment–and don’t be fooled by what appear to be restrictions, barriers, and obstacles before you–they are merely there to urge you in a more natural direction–and by that I mean, a direction that takes better advantage of your own abilities, and that does not force you into too harsh or too suppressive environments. You will benefit, though gathering in that reward may require some acceptance of needed change or call for adjustment. In order to make the most of this day’s influences, you must agree not to let surroundings or those in authority define who you are–if they declare you ‘x’, it really doesn’t matter, as long as you stay firm on your Self-identity–knowing who you are within yourself is what’s important.

Jan van Eyck (detail of a larger work) 1435 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is the last book you finished; how does that book’s title or general story line/ contents describe something in you or your life? This may point to something that has been growing/ taking shape, and is on the verge of becoming prominent in consciousness or character.

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