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Plas Newydd (Anglesey) – Terrace gardens grotto – Neptune as gargoyle By Wolfgang Sauber – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16274036

On the 16th Neptune stations retrograde at 14 Pisces 15, in close sextile to Juno in Capricorn, herself in apparent retro motion. This forms a loose Finger of God with asteroid Vesta in Leo–and if a personal body sits 12-16 Leo, you’ll see that natal energy as apex to an attempt at empowerment, one that either brings creativity to the fore, or is misguided, out of following your own delusions or misunderstandings. Juno prompts us to use our status, position, or connections to express our Will, and Neptune focuses that expression through our ideals, whether they are spiritual ones, imaginative ones, or off the mark, skewed by deception or delusion. For everyone, the Finger suggests that effort at exercising our prerogatives through creativity or misperception will result in pinpointing what we really care about, or discovery of what we’d like to dedicate our time and energy to; for those with a natal placement in that Leo range, this suggests you’ll see what matters in terms of the contacted energy, or possibly in terms of issues contained in the House it rules, if any. Vesta tells us what we honor in life; the Neptune station will make something about this clear, whether our efforts spring from a creative urge or a misguided one, though we may find we have no time, energy, or support to enact this particular ideal until Neptune is once again direct, in late November 2017.

Otherwise, we enjoy some very upbeat influences on the 16th, an unusually positive day when what we desire is actually good for us, when we have harmony between the mind and the Soul purpose (and so can choose, think, and act with little if any internal conflict), when we are optimistic about the future, and when we think along lines of ‘natural’ power and authority, and so make the most of our own abilities and influence. Reaching for something? Do it today, but be ready to listen if the internal systems tell you this isn’t your best course, after all–today’s excellent judgment may have you reassessing previous wants and goals.

By Scott Darbey from Canada – bluebells, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42236316

Today’s word image is bluebells. Simplest symbolisms say flowers are a ‘natural’ cheering thing, bolstering spirits just by being, and blue can be seen as soothing, or in its meaning as sad or depressing. Is there something that should be pleasant and happy that’s actually depressing you or making you sad? Are you having a kind of contrary reaction to something? Is there something natural (something you should accept as part of life) to which you’re having an unwarranted reaction? Are you ‘blue’ in spite of the way things are ‘in bloom’ in your life? That last is a signal that it’s time to seek help, if only confiding in another trusted Being to help you gain perspective.

The 17th our viewpoint may be a bit skewed: we see all the benefits as coming from or being found in ‘the future’, and we tend to disregard the role or origins of some rewarding matters where they formed or were earned in the past. Too, we know what we want and how to get it, but we may be willing to do something unhealthy or negative to make it happen–please consider the merit of the means as much as you do the end.

By Iker Cortabarria from Palma, España – Dragó, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4263989

Today’s word image is a lizard, sunning itself on a rock. As pleasurable as sunning itself is, this behavior is actually necessary for a cold-blooded (as we describe them) creature. What thing that you enjoy, and possibly see as Self-indulgent, is really a very necessary part of your existence, one that you can’t do without? This asks us to reassess what we see as an indulgence, a luxury, and what is important to our overall health.

By the 18th we’re feeling both wise and ‘lucky’–and that’s a pretty accurate measure of ourselves in the moment. The only thing to watch for is thinking that rejects the reality picture. The only way to get ‘there’ from ‘here’ is to know exactly where you’re starting out–keep this in mind as you choose, act, and do.

Today’s word image is a clown. People seem to have very personal reactions to this Archetype–consider yours definitive for you, specifically as to what it might say about how you see ‘fun’.

‘Fireworks, Vernon Bridge’ by Theodore Earl Butler {{PD}}

The 19th the fireworks are as much internal as external, so that it’s uncertain how much of this will show in surrounding circumstances, and how much will be firecrackers and flashbulbs going off in our heads. What we’ve got going for us: there’s wisdom in spontaneity, in the ‘new’ idea or impulse, in a willingness to invent or innovate, and diving in to test skills can bring surprisingly good results. The group may offer the smart choice, if we find ourselves wondering, and what the intellect supports as wise very likely is. Positives are seated in showing genuine confidence (as opposed to putting on a show) and relationship or financial connections can bolster personal empowerment and reach. Right now the mind has a knack for drawing on the past in productive ways–all of these things are good, and available to us.

What’s not so great? The ego, if it’s ascendant, will keep us away from every healthy option–it’s a matter of feeding negative emotions as a way of enslaving us to our own capricious nature. No one can ask anything of us, if we’re unreliable and unable to take care of ourselves, right? It’s easy to put our attention on hurts, at this point, and that can offer the ego the foothold it needs to run away with things. Too, we see a Finger of God, base of Jupiter-Black Moon Lilith, apex Venus in Taurus, that suggests both beliefs and what enrages us must adjust, if we are to receive the comfort and sustaining nurture of Love or Money.

Not an easy day, but a lively one, where following our best impulses is much more than worth it.

Today’s word image is a phrase I’ve heard multiple times within just a couple of days, from sources ranging from real life to media: “You’re so lucky you must have a golden horseshoe up your ass!” This is a thing? We’ll proceed on the assumption that it is. My first thought was, ‘That can’t be comfortable, so is this luck in spite of the situation being difficult?’ I think that sums it up. Find the spot in your own life where you’ve been very fortunate, despite the pain.

The 20th we may feel at odds with ourselves and the social scene–there’s no safe harbor for Self-expression without critique, the facts don’t support our empowerment, and the worst may be that it’s our own ‘wounded thinking’ that’s creating most of the mess. If we are willing to reconcile with some less-than-positive aspects of the past, we can move on to reap rewards from the creative, the innovative, and the use of skills–and we can do it as the Sun moves into Cancer, pulling our attention toward caring, nurturing, and finding a prominent place in our lives for our emotional reality to shine.

Today’s word image is an old song, ‘The Girl From Ipanema’. If you don’t know it from the radio, you probably know it from the Muzak in elevators and grocery stores. What quality makes a song seep so far into the Collective consciousness that one can’t go long without hearing it in some form? What ‘song’ have you been singing all these years that has now become part of your consciousness–and are you aware of what it says to and about you? Ask yourself, Is it time to change the track?

The 21st sees the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (their meeting while Merc is in direct motion). This should bring us the results of something seeded at the Inferior Conjunction. It’s not always evident, and may be so subtle that it seems a matter of course–but it should answer some question, no matter how oblique, that has been up in the air, or bring some communication or thought to a close, offering a form of ‘silence’. To make this meeting possible, we see Merc join the Sun in Cancer; don’t be surprised if what concludes has a prominent element of feeling, or brings an emotional conclusion that will often present as relief.

On other fronts, we see some resistance to what we know instinctively, we see some Self-destructive tendencies that endanger what we really care about, and we may find the imagination running away with us and focused on what we are in denial of or ignoring. You do the math; this is about facing things, pure and simple.

From our yard 2017

Today’s word image is peonies. On a gardening site I saw someone write in, frantically asking how to get rid of the ants that were swarming her peony plants; I and several others wrote back, ‘Don’t! Peonies need ants to help them open!’ This is the danger of engaging with something we know nothing about: not so much that something bad will come to us from it, but that we can cause harm in our ignorance. Whatever this brings to mind, just make sure you really do know what you’re doing.

On the 22nd no new aspects form–both our outlook and our word image for the day will be a kind of Silence. Find it, deliberately make room for it, sit within it. It’s likely to reveal to us just how much noise we’d like to be rid of.

Sorry I’m a little late getting this out. Windows hijacked my computer with a massive update that then wouldn’t allow my astrology program to open–so it took me hours to straighten things out. Have a wonderful week!