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Since a Daily post is currently winning in the polls, I’m going to go for a two-fer to cover the 7th and 8th, which includes the Full Moon in Capricorn. Voting will end Friday, and I’ll go from there based on the final outcome.

Those are some nice gloves. The Workshop of Rembrandt {{PD}}

The 7th may feel like a gentle, velvet-gloved Punch in the Face, as Venus sets herself up as apex to a Fist of God with base of Zeus-Pluto. Change or conflict surrounding the goals or ambition picture may be rewarding but also tough in some regard; it’s as if we can’t receive the Love or Money without seeing the down side, or struggling with the power situation as it allows (or prevents) realization of our wants. No matter what form this Fist takes, it will hurt, particularly as it reveals our own role in making things the way they are.

No recriminations, though, especially if you’re aiming them at yourself; right now we’re too resistant to wisdom, and too influenced by what we’ve refused to acknowledge, to make good choices or sound judgments. Do your best to release, release, and release. Couple this with a policy of non-resistance (rather than outright acceptance) for best results.

Today’s word image is a red envelope. In some Asian cultures this is the form of a gift, filled with money, the dynamic energy of red a wish for good luck and prosperity for the recipient. This is a two-part question: who has recently gifted you with positive energy–mentally or otherwise send them thanks–and to whom would you like to gift a similar asset, in appreciation of what they’ve shared with you?

Gustav Klimt 1916 {{PD}}

The 8th sees no new aspects form, though it does bring us this year’s Capricorn Full Moon at 17 CAP 09 at 9:06 PM PDT. This Full Moon perfects exactly 1 degree before perfection of a conjunction with retrograde Pluto. Most of the other potential aspects are a little wide for the event, as well as being past perfection; the only other aspects meriting mention are a square to Zeus, and in proximity we see the FM also square to Jupiter. This offers clarity in terms of what the Full Moon energy reveals: we see the power picture (Pluto) as it stands, including who holds authority and why (Capricorn, Jupiter as the social sphere), as well as the ways in which that power structure restricts, curtails, or otherwise prevents us fulfilling our goals or meeting our ambitions (the square to Zeus). The facts (Jupiter) related to our ambitions and goals (Zeus) will create tension with the mandate of the Full Moon, which asks us to establish a ‘power position’ once and for all (the permanence of Capricorn). We are highly aware of the ways in which what we desire may force change, transformation, or even destruction, in the process of getting what we want, as our viewpoint may be exaggerated, making the issues seem bigger or more urgent than they really are (Jupiter). For many this may create a conundrum that offers no easy answer, though breaking a few eggs will likely be required before we can make this omelet (imagery courtesy of the Cancer Sun, with Sabian ‘A Hen Scratching The Ground To Find Nourishment For Her Progeny’).

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘The Union Jack Flag Flies From A British Warship’. This symbol speaks of identification attached to a defensive resource. This may imply we should be ready to defend what we can clearly identify as ours; establishing a power base is certainly indicative of the Full Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and is vital to being able to deal with those issues that become apparent in the Full Moon’s light. There is also the potential implication, at least for those of us in the U.S., of this being the warship of ‘the mother country’, the one on which our system of laws is based and whose oversight fostered a revolution in order to form ‘a more perfect union’ of our own. That could suggest something bequeathed by the ancestors, a defensive outlook or ability passed down or learned through the family behaviors or even in the DNA, that will be an asset now, should we need it to ‘go to war’ or defend ourselves.

Read, donate, and enjoy a wonderful and enlightening Full Moon!