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Yoshitsuya Ichieisai, The Battle of Magic, c. 1860 {{PD}}

It’s an almost-magical day–can you feel it? Something exciting, surprising, or amazing is tickling us in just the right way, offering satisfaction through relationships, finances, or by seeing our values in action; the only thing is that this will require we modify our idea of what constitutes our own empowerment. Being empowered may in reality not be what you think it is at all; you may need to see power and effectiveness as the same thing, or you may need to accept that power isn’t always an aggressive energy. There’s as much power in Being as there is in Doing–and until you understand that, the power struggles will continue. Whether you work out the power conundrum or not, there’s still excitement and a certain freedom to be had–make the most of it!

Today’s word image is a croque monsieur. Do you know this delightful French treat? In other environs this might be described as a fried ham and cheese sandwich–and that brings us to defining our symbol: What do you know by or define by a ‘fancy’ label that might be something quite ordinary if described differently? And why would you insist on an elaborate name rather than a more direct one–what do you get from that? It may just be a feeling you need to be more clear on, or a pretension you need to drop. For my French friends: What everyday treat do you need to appreciate just a little more?

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