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Louis Léopold Boilly – ‘Conversation Dans un Parc’ 1812 {{PD}}

At least, that should and probably will be our aim, but clear communication won’t be easy; we suffer from our own delusions and fantasies and assumptions, as well as illusions and deceptions perpetrated by others. It may all feel very hurtful and dishonest–but the attention should really be on what things we have ignored or denied, or what matters of temper suppressed, that are now pushing up into the light and driving us to see betrayal or deceit when we would be better served by admitting our own deficits. Condemning ourselves serves no purpose, here, either–rather, being honest about our own feelings and reactions shows us how much of a part we’ve played in creating present circumstances, and emphasizes the cooperative nature of our reality. Be ready to see your part in things, and thereby begin the healing.

Today’s word image is something red, as a prompt for attention to synchronicities, moments of clarity, and reminders to be ‘in the moment.’

‘Red Swan Two’ Photo of a Rainer Lagemann statue taken by Rainer Lagemann RainerLagemann.com Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication