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By Eilif Peterssen – nwEXZQtnF4q9xw at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29841562

What’s smart is empowering (that’s no surprise), but we seem determined to rebel or shock, to go into the future blindly, to mess with the power balance in relationships and/ or finances, and all of it, yes all of it, springs from misguided beliefs, misunderstandings, and a general spiritual malaise that makes it hard to focus on the good stuff. We find the flaws in our ideals, and then are angry, not realizing that ideals are essentially static, dimensionless ideas of perfection that don’t take into account the messiness of human life and the riotous inclinations of Nature. Forgive everyone and everything, but especially yourself, for not being Perfect–and if possible, try to appreciate the beauty and energy to be found in the mess.

Today’s word image is two children, playing at being monsters, who are sitting down to afternoon tea wearing fancy hats; they are talking in ‘monster’ voices while passing invisible sandwiches and asking, ‘One lump or two?’ This image suggests the normalization of something abnormal–or is it the incursion of one thing into another, that simply doesn’t belong? Once you identify this, you have to ask yourself, does it need to change?