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Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin {{PD}}

Conflicting inclinations set up the energy dynamic of the New Moon: on the one hand, we may find ourselves digging and digging in relation to stated values and priorities–we somehow just can’t trust what we see–and yet we see the perfect way to benefit through Love or Finances, specifically by focusing on what’s loved, important to us, valuable for its beauty, or treasured. These impulses may or may not present at cross-purposes, and some of us will delve into the essence of only one or the other, but together they set the stage and grab our attention, even as the New Moon slips in, plants a seed, and carries things forward.

The New Moon in Leo occurs in the wee hours Pacific time, at 2:46 AM at 00 Leo 44. It perfects just slightly more than one degree from conjoining Mars–and that means both bodies will move on very quickly to perfect contact to the Warrior energy. A very rough Fist is formed, with the NM apex to the square made between Black Moon Lilith and Neptune. This suggests trouble, in the form of rage or denial coupled with deception, delusion, or imagination run amok, that creates a need to ‘strike out’, to go it alone, or to let the ego drive, feeling we are ill-equipped to handle things any other way.

LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, Photo By Hu Totya – Own work {{PD}} https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1222063

That’s unfortunate–but is there a way out, a remedy to subconscious anger or righteous resentment? Yes, via the New Moon’s novile to Venus in Gemini. Think about, talk about, consider what you love–that’s the best way to both see how to react and what to do.

The New Moon makes two other aspects, an out-of-sign trine to Chiron, and an out-of-sign square to Uranus. Expect jolts, but healing, Higher Understanding, and easy hurt, skills called forward to address the unexpected. The Sabian for the New Moon offers a clue: ‘Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition’. We may be inclined to try to handle things through the intellect (Uranus) rather than the heart (Leo), though the image makes clear the man is driven by desire (Venus)–and it would be a mistake to focus solely on the mind; we need to utilize the mind in support of those cared-for people and issues, rather than letting the intellect, or anger, lead.

Though I don’t usually subscribe to checking every Sabian, I think considering the importance of Venus, we could use whatever hints the symbol might provide: ‘A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration’. It’s in the midst of chaos, upset, fighting for what we want (New Moon conj Mars) that we discover, reiterate, or crystallize the presence and intention of Love–and the New Moon provides the energy and focus to put that Love into action.

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