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Thomas Jones – ‘Mur à Naples’ 1781 {{PD}}

Every smart or practical choice seems to present obstacles, walls, restrictions, or suggests we will have to do without–why is that? It’s not really that doing the wise thing is suppressive so much as smart choices have limits built in–that’s part of what makes them smart! Accept that, look for the underlying harmonies and balance within all circumstances, and notice how everything is currently focused on the future–and trust that those conditions will guide things successfully, if we can resist jumping in and monkeying around unnecessarily. In other news, the Sun enters Leo,and lions everywhere stretch and roar under the summer sun/ winter glare, bringing our attention to letting ourselves shine, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself right now: we’re in Dark of the Moon territory, and should relax.

‘Clouds over the Black Sea–Crimea’ – Boris Israelevich Anisfeld 1906 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a blue the color of a clear sky. The sky’s the limit? Maybe, but the important thing is a feeling of expansiveness, rather than a literal no-boundaries kind of experience (see forecast note, above).