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By Pieter Brueghel the Elder – Christian Vöhringer – Pieter Bruegel. 1525/30-1569 Tandem Verlag 2007 (h.f.ullmann imprint) S. 129 ISBN 978-3-8331-3852-2, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9483474

Instincts serve our needs very well today–and so does spontaneity, originality, and using what we know from the past. Impulse reveals a lot, and interactions tell us what we and others are focused on avoiding at all costs. At the same time, we need to beware of exerting our authority or power where it’s not productive, in areas of relationship or finance that currently call only for our dedication and positive input. In the moment we can profit by denying the darkness, or by behaving as if things will never change–somehow that wins us kudos, rewards, and Love, and is the Right Thing–but that’s a temporary measure, not meant to be carried on for long–for now, engage with an uncritical eye, heart, and tongue.

Today sees perfection of the Sun conjoined Mars in Leo. In order to truly process this event, we also have to note the Sun’s quincunx to Hygeia, also perfecting today. Together, we see that ‘Right Action’ is taken specifically in the name of becoming healthy, in whatever sense the individual believes that’s lacking. We become Warriors for what’s personally vital and nourishing to the Soul (Sun), our actions and choices tailored to whatever creates a grounding from which we may shine as unique Beings. Relax into this highly dynamic energy–it will carry you, and in no uncertain terms, show you where to go and what to do.

Today’s word image is bees in early morning, gathered at the edge of a stone birdbath for a drink. I don’t think of insects as needing a water source like all other living things, but of course they do. What needs basic nourishment that you could be overlooking, particularly spiritually or emotionally (the water)?

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