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Rihard Jakopič – Sejalec (1912) {{PD}}

Sticking to values and standards, and choosing action based on what we care about, will absolutely benefit us. Expect to need some adjustment in attitude, approach, or methods, in order to gather in earnings or Love; and anticipate that unexpected events, obstacles, or bumps in the road are due to unacknowledged attitudes of our own, feelings of dismissal, betrayal, or rage that we have been pretending don’t exist. Knowing that, you can excavate immediately, and so remove the difficulty and proceed forward to the reward.

Mercury enters Virgo, skewing thoughts toward both keeping accounts and making ourselves and others accountable. Critical thinking is on the agenda; just make sure that in dissecting or critiquing others or ourselves, there’s an underlying point to it all. Think: Seed Moments, Details Matter, The Healthy Approach, and no matter what, always keep the end result or purpose in mind.

Today’s word image is an incident from my own life. Confession: I am a book hoarder. We are chronically short of bookshelves, thanks to my propensity to squirrel away books like nuts for the winter. At one end of the living room there are piles of books, waiting for a home. The other day I was standing at the opposite end, having a moment of gratitude–just happy for all we have, feeling immensely thankful–and one of the piles of books falls over; or rather, part of the pile fell. When I walked over to it, there was a bright green paperback exposed from the middle of the stack, a novel by Carl Hiaasen. The title? ‘Lucky You’. You just can’t tell me the Universe isn’t communicating all. the. time–and with a sense of humor! What message are you receiving today?