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The Ear-Ring exhibited 1911 Ambrose McEvoy {{PD}}

Oh, today we’re offered some wonderful influences, if we can keep from spoiling things by letting egos or dark impulses off the leash. These less productive urges aren’t to be denied, but channeled into better uses; as long as the ego eschews aggression and respects the power situation, and we employ awareness of the dark as what helps us appreciate the light, we can go far. Keeping highest values as guidelines, and keeping a ‘healing intention’ no matter what the interaction, will give us our best results, on a day that has the potential to go off the rails if we indulge dark thoughts, envy, or what we know to be unhealthy.

Japan, 1865 Series: One Hundred Ghost Tales from China and Japan Prints ‘Changing Into a Rat’ Color woodblock print by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a rat. I have to say, I resisted using this symbol, but it wouldn’t leave me alone, so I’m assuming someone, somewhere, needs to be alerted to the ‘rat’ in their midst. For a few who’ve had rats as pets, the word is they’re delightful; for them this could be a reminder of something most people recoil from that they regard with affection. For the rest of us, the image may refer to someone or something in our life that doesn’t have our best interests at heart–as long as we see them for what they are (Self-interested, and maybe looking to undermine us, to ‘rat us out’ over our own weaknesses) we’ll be able to deal.