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‘The Mermaid’ Howard Pyle 1909 {{PD}}

For the 29th, the focus is on the single aspect perfecting today, which is the Sun completing a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to Pluto. Our attention is drawn repeatedly to what we want to change, to the darkness, to sex, to what enrages us, to what we are passionate about, to Power, and this is through multiple forms of irritation, upset, fear, and the need to alter things, especially ourselves, in order to avoid a destructive or transformative course. How to handle it? Let go of the compulsion to pronounce judgement, with its tendency to unspool a string of disparagements or assumptions from there. If we can meet each thing that draws our attention with a total lack of prejudice, we may be surprised at how what would’ve been a tense, unproductive, or even combative situation can morph into something that offers a deep and empowering experience.

Today’s word image is a ballot yet to be voted. We all want a say in things, but may be prone to neglect those opportunities to have an impact with which we’re presented. When you get a vote, speak up, cast your ballot–you’ll find that the more you express your desires, the more the Universe responds, and the bigger your influence on what surrounds you grows, so Fill Out Your Ballot!

‘Ruine von Hoff’ Hans Hartig Kirchen before 1936 {{PD}}

On the 30th conscious thought, words and communications and the surfaces of things are positive, empowering, upbeat–but there’s a strong and persistent undertow that seems to present impossible dilemmas, that implies any chance of ambition and desire fulfillment will be trashed, that hints what’s been denied or ignored may overwhelm conscious choices, and that sees even loving relationships inadvertently wound–why? The frightening unpredictability of the Universe and its seeming hostility toward us is simply a reflection of our own erratic nature. If we are individuals who can commit, who can keep a promise, who can show restraint and empathy, then we will see reflected back to us that same consistency within the Cosmos; if we are not willing to commit ourselves, if we can’t go into something without holding options in reserve, without hedging our bets, then we may find it tough going today.

‘Trout’ – Walter M. Brackett 1867 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: on the shores of a lake, two women fish, clean them, build a rack from branches on which to hang the fillets, then start a fire under it to smoke their catch. Do you have one or more skill sets that can take you from inception of a thing right through to its completion? How Self-reliant are you? How practical are your abilities? Are any of your skills ones that could help you or others survive?

The Solar eclipse illuminated at the excellent ‘Robin’s Window’.

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