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William-Adolphe Bouguereau – ‘Flora And Zephyr’ (1875) {{PD}}

Though the focus is on Jupiter perfecting a square to Pluto today, we can’t discount two other influential aspects: Mars square Pallas and Venus opposed Juno. The latter two  create a ‘setting’ in which the Cardinal Jupiter-Pluto contact (once again) manifests, though we should be mindful of the way it can take a new form each time they meet. The atmosphere is one where egos, or the urge to act or do, butts heads with what’s wise or practical–and as if that doesn’t make for enough tension, we also see relationships or financial circumstances that undermine or stand against our most empowered position, meaning we may find situations where there’s a demand that we choose: the relationship or the status we want, financial security or the ability to make our own decisions, Love or Money versus having a lasting impact.

Into this comes another expression of Jupiter-Pluto. As with all aspects, how this connects to the natal chart is of supreme importance, and so is the ultimate indicator of potential effects on an individual level. What we see generally is expansion (of knowledge, horizons, world view) in conflict with forces of change, destruction, or transformation. We may hear and see those words so much that they become blunted, losing any real meaning; we may think, ‘All life is change, so how does that help us?’ It helps by pointing out that this aspect creates mechanisms for change that we can’t ignore. Everyday change is what we live with; what happens with Jupiter-Pluto is sweeping, permanent, and could alter beliefs or even ‘the facts’ forever after. We may feel what occurs is forced on us, but the reality is that changes with this aspect catch us up in some way; we have resisted something, and the Universe no longer allows us to continue in quite the same way.

Whether this change comes from rage (possibly our own or another’s, at having knowledge concealed or withheld), from the need to destroy something that has limited our reach or our getting ‘more’, from opportunities offered that would change our entire world, or from externals that force us to recognize our lack of info, experience, or opportunity as things currently stand, any form this aspect takes requires us to respond–and that’s what’s in play in this period, with perfection of the aspect today possibly making conditions obvious, and our choices clear.

Today’s word image is a medic tending the wounded in the midst of battle. No matter what stresses we are under or struggles consumed by, we need to see to our needs, our injuries, those things that, if left untended, might completely incapacitate. Leave the fray at least long enough to patch yourself up and see to basics needs–you won’t be able to fight on long without such attentions.