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The Lantern Bearers, 1908 Maxfield Parrish {{PD}}

Today, the 5th, we find ourselves mulling big dreams, huge ambitions, massive desires, and plotting how to get ‘there’ from ‘here’–and we have an excellent chance of doing so, just as long as we can accept ‘the facts’, and avoid exaggerating our own abilities and so overestimating our chances at success. The issue is that we may resist ‘What Is’ to an astonishing degree; previous injuries to the psyche and the identity may be the source and may cause us to distrust our own thoughts and beliefs. Know this: those Big Dreams are meant to inspire, to spur creative action, and to prompt us to consider opportunities that will present in the near future. Mercury will retrograde in Virgo in a week; use the next seven days to dream and imagine, and the retro period to review with a critical and discerning eye. That way you’ll be ready to act in just about a month, post-eclipses.

The Joyous Festival
Gaston La Touche

Today’s word image is fireworks that land in a dry field and spark a small fire. Fireworks are a thing of celebration–or they can be what’s caused by someone wanting to stir things up and create chaos. It almost doesn’t matter what spirit fuels them with this image, though, because the result is that susceptible material burns. A haphazard display, a lack of care with this volatile form of energy, can ignite what’s prone to go up in smoke in the first place. This scenario may caution us; if we are the one lighting it up, we need to take care over the consequences, over who or what might ‘get burned’, and if we’re around this kind of display, we need to be cognizant of the potential damage, and perhaps to protect ourselves from the perpetrator.

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