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‘The Shrine’ 1895 John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

By today, the 3rd, Uranus is retrograde at its position late in Aries. Unless this turnaround directly aspects a natal body or point you’re not likely to notice it right away–it’s background noise, one of those shifts in energy that is perceived but not immediately noteworthy, with the effect probably centered either in the House where it’s transiting or the House it rules in the natal chart. In one or both of those areas you can expect static that interferes with the intellect, with innovation or invention, that disrupts the flow of modern life, or that withdraws or delivers (depending on your individual response) an anticipated shock or surprise (anticipated only because of the brief stationary period just before the change–we’ve thought of the possibility, and Uranus will now act as a refined and highly specific messenger).

The only other influence perfecting today is one that suggests sticking with our commitments, honoring what we care about, pays off by leading to ambition or desire fulfillment. There’s an implication with this combo (Vesta novile Zeus) that the Universe may be ultra-responsive at this time to your dedication of energy–and that your benefit may come in a number of forms: via a mentor, through the offer of a change of status, through satiating a deep (that is, lust-filled) desire, through ‘connections’, or with the filling of an appetite–so, bon appétit!

Today’s word image is smoke in the air. They say where there’s smoke, there’s fire–so, where’s the fire? And what are you going to do about it?