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‘Dancers in the Rotunda at the Paris Opera’ by Edgar Degas 1894 {{PD}}

What’s the great thing about today? We can achieve a balance among ‘sacred thought’, what we value, and what’s wise and practical. What’s not-so-great about today? We may see our own thoughts and ideas as something to be honored, rather than something to be examined or tested, we may make everything about what it will cost (in terms of Love or Money), and we may avoid what we know to be wise or practical however we can, mistaking that for creativity. If we find that balance point, our feeling nature can drive successful efforts in the material world; if we can’t, we may head toward a minor incidence of crash-and-burn, only because we won’t have the good sense to apply real critical scrutiny to our plans.

Today’s word image is: a supplicant kneels before a false god. This brings up a couple of questions: how do we tell true from false, as that presupposes there is such a way of measuring? If one believes in something, doesn’t that in some sense lend it power and import, regardless of its actual status? A supplicant is by their very nature asking for something. We all want something from those things that we bow to, whether that is in surrender to a superior force (not to be hurt), a belief that this thing can deliver what we want (please can I have?), or cooperation with a larger entity because it offers a condition of being we value (for instance, when most of us follow the laws because we want everyone to, which makes the streets relatively safe). What is it you may be supplicant to, or kneeling before, which is undeserving of such regard? How easily we can misinterpret things, and begin to worship what we don’t understand, or what is more rightly junk.

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