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Boris Kustodiev – ‘Merchant’s Wife at Tea’ 1917 {{PD}}

You know what’s drawing my attention today? Sun trine Black Moon Lilith, with Jupiter at the midpoint. That lights up what’s being ignored, denied, or what enrages us, and shows us the opportunities for more (good or bad), for expansion, for plenty, for a certain kind of freedom that might come from dealing with what we’ve so far avoided. With the Sun recently passed over Mars, we may feel we’ve already addressed this (probably those matters of the House wherein Leo is contained), but the reality is we’ve not yet taken the right (or the most effective) action. So, as the Moon trines Mars from assertive Aries (late PM Pacific time) we may respond to the intuitive or emotional push that tells us we can get ourselves a little bit o’ that Jupiterian possibility, too.

Today’s word image is: You, tasting a food you’ve never tried. Trying a new food is good, but let’s take this image in a broader context: see it as taking in something new. That can be eating something, but also hearing something, doing something, learning something, visiting somewhere, trying an activity–whatever might give you a ‘taste’ of what you’ve never had before.

Enjoy your weekend eve!