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“La Femme en blanc” René Schützenberger 1894 {{PD}}

The focus is on egos, tempers, actions taken and choices made–and all of it happening under the umbrella of a Mercury retrograde in Virgo. We won’t have to wait for Merc’s direction, though, to find out the impact of what we do; we will see immediate results in terms of our empowerment and status. Do as you will, but remember that Mars is currently in Leo, which may bring a touch too much Self-regard to our choices, and believe what you see as empowerment waxes or wanes–that’s the true measure of your actions, of their effectiveness and reach.

By Bengt Nyman from Vaxholm, Sweden – IMG_3781, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49547955

Today’s word image is: two old friends meet by chance on the street, converse in mutual admiration, and part knowing they will never meet again. I think this image is about being able to live in the moment, to fully enjoy sharing time with someone else without the requirement that the connection continue, in order to be judged important or worthy. Value the time we have with one another, and make no demands for more–we’re on this journey alone, after all.

I know it’s a tense, tough week for many of us; keep with it, it will break with the Solar eclipse, if not in some minor way sooner.