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‘Lilac Bush’ Vincent van Gogh 1889 {{PD}}

Originality, uniqueness, spontaneity, innovation, even revolution, all draw on highest values to propel expression today, and so become emblematic of who we are at core. To truly benefit from this particularly individual rocket fuel, we must be willing to adjust to the real world, and especially to those matters that may have been ignored or denied by ourselves or others. That is, we can express ourselves without restraint all day, but if we want to create something rooted in that expression, we must get a handle on things as they actually are. The biggest tip of all for today may be this: find your connection to, or place within, Nature; that’s the alternative way to express the core, but without the friction of barriers, boundaries, rules, or the requirement of Self-discipline. Somehow, Nature gives us license to be ourselves in a way the ‘civilized’ world just can’t.

Today’s word image is a billionaire in voluntary seclusion. What incredibly valuable thing, quality, characteristic, or talent do you have that you have, consciously or unconsciously, hidden away? It may be time to consider wheeling it out.

All answers to the natal body apex at 20 Taurus are found under the August 14 post in the comments section. Have a great weekend-eve!


DISCLAIMER: This is not me writing the books! Carl Larsson ‘Model writing postcards’ 1906 {{PD}}

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