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Asserting yourself doesn’t always bring the results you want. John William Waterhouse ‘Apollo And Daphne’ 1908 {{PD}}

First I want to talk about that prolonged sextile between Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith that lasts through mid-September. I should’ve noted that they stay in sextile as they move on–that means those who have that natal point precise at the beginning of the sextile will see pressure and effect lessen with time, while a whole new set of individuals will find their natal body or point at the apex. Those are 22-25 of Taurus as the pair gradually moves, with Jupiter finally pulling ahead and away by degree after the middle of the month. As pointed out by one thoughtful reader, we do see Saturn enter the mix, along with the transiting Moon briefly, on 30 August, bringing a tendency to either manifest emotions or suppress them, but considering Jupiter-Black Moon Lilith is all about exaggeration, belief, ‘the facts’, and what we have hidden, ignored, denied, or find unjust, we may see both options at work in those who respond to this, with all of us finding either the manifestation of, or suppression of, some Jupiter-BML related matter.

What else do we see at work, pre-eclipse? Saturday the 19th we find we can re-visit in a highly successful way our own thoughts on ‘the facts’, beliefs, what we’ve been taught (or indoctrinated with); we’re likely to see what’s right and wrong about our own ideas, and this offers a moment of clarity vis a vis that Jupiter-BML sextile. If we’ve tried to present our point previously and lacked full success, we should try again today–it will go much better, our manner prone to foster understanding, with a bonus of offering ourselves a sense of freedom from what may have been a pressing need to communicate. What we shouldn’t do is trust instinct to guide us–there’s too big a blind spot around our interests, today–instead be as conscious as possible, and oddly enough, you may want to avoid too many ‘I’ statements; that blind spot shadow takes in the Self-image, which means what we think we see in ourselves may be distorted or immediately challenged by the reality picture.

Winslow Homer – ‘Boy in Boat, Gloucester’ c1880 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a glum boy waiting alone on a dock for a boat ride. Much depends on how you interpret the picture. Do you see him as sad because he’s alone, or as not looking forward to the boat ride? I saw him as lacking enthusiasm for the activity, and for me that brought up the idea of activities that are presented as ‘fun’ that the individual sees as anything but. Are you subjecting yourself to things simply because someone else thinks you should enjoy it? And on the other hand, if you saw the boy as sad because he’s alone, what loneliness in you needs assuaging, right away?

Sunday the 20th we’ve got an action plan–but in our eagerness to share our originality, our inventiveness, to stand out as unique, we could injure others or our own reputation, and in particular, we could communicate things that might inadvertently damage our relationships or our earning potential. This is a day to step, speak, and share with care, to shine fully aware of what we’re conveying–which can be a tricky thing to do.

Are you expecting that slow-moving thing to get you where you want to go? Illustration by Virginia Frances Sterret {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a pair of turtles slowly approaching each other. Is it romance? A showdown? Will a fight ensue? Will they mate, and how long will that take? Do they even see that they’re heading right toward each other, or is sight not a prominent sense for them? What in your life is moving so slowly you feel it might never arrive, happen, or reveal its true nature? And then what will, or should, you do about it?

Enjoy your weekend!

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Dream time has been very weird lately, hasn’t it? The images are almost undecipherable, the messages cloaked in emotion and not easily sorted out. Don’t take any of it too much to heart; at least some of it is a product of the Universal vibration at present. Rest easy as you can, and know that these images are prophecy only in the way there’s always something coming–and what we see in dream life now may bear little resemblance to the actual future.