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‘A Reed Cutter at Work’ By Peter Henry Emerson (Cuba, active England, 1856-1936), Thomas Frederick Goodall (England, 1857-1944) – Image: http://collections.lacma.org {{PD}}

Saturn stations direct today, the 25th, in Sagittarius, releasing us from the cycle; this either opens the floodgates, allowing forward progress and bringing an end to the most egregious obstacles in our path, or we suddenly find barriers materialized before us, progress halted, sometimes for no reason we can point to, other times by some potential that lingered at the edge of awareness and now steps forward. Whichever way you respond to the Saturn direct-retro cycle, it makes us all cognizant of the passage of time and the reality picture, with change-of-direction points re-orienting us to current circumstances and the work we need to do to affect them.

We also see Venus enter Leo–watch for the roar of vanity and in those who are normally more reticent, a surge of pride, healthy Self-interest, and awareness of Self-worth that helps them earn or collect what’s coming to them. We all see the worth of standing up for ourselves, and for expressing our talents–‘Letting Ourselves Shine’ might be our theme at this time. Accompanying these planetary shifts we have influences that suggest a rejection of what’s wise or practical, probably grounded in mistaken ideas of what empowers us (hint: we may not see the true power of sticking to our values–that’s where the juice is found!) What else flourishes today? Originality, and efforts at improving health and embracing our status all bring rewards or improved circumstances, as does a willingness to put at least some trust in the group.

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Photo by Michael Warren, Bristol, UK, released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Today’s word image is a bluebell.There are iterations of this flower all over the world, but they always make me think of Texas, a place I have mixed feelings about. What place, person, or thing from the past rises up today to remind you of what was, or how far you’ve come, or how you’ve changed, with perhaps the biggest factor being a question: what from this period do you regret, and how can you deal with it now?