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You can be confident as a Valkyrie today, if you’re open to what surrounding circumstances say about who you are. ‘Brünnhilde the Valkyrie’ Arthur Rackham 1909 {{PD}}

There’s a lot going on today, and various forces may push us in contrary directions. Wisdom or practicality gets a dose of the creative, the imaginative, or the delusional, and depending on the individual and the application, could make magic or pull the roof down around us. Big ambitions find big outlets, the social sphere supports our desires (whether we see that or not), and communications travel farther than we expect them to (which may be good or not so, depending on what’s behind those words or ideas). What’s not working so well? The individual ego, the sense of sureness in the identity, suffers whiplash, or feedback that points to inevitable change around who we are; only the facts surrounding matters of actual power, and those realities reflected back to us by the state of relationships and finances (emphasized by the Moon in Libra), hold valid reference points–everything else is a (potentially) costly deception.

Today’s word image is a bench made of bacon. Seriously! The absurdity of this image points to the obvious need for exercise (don’t sit around on our pork!) as well as a need to modify or otherwise attend to the diet. Just a reminder that it never hurts to reform our methods of Self-care and nurture, and that post-Solar eclipse and mid-Mercury retro (and approaching Inferior Conjunction) is the perfect time to do so.

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