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‘Spanish Dancer’ John Singer Sargent 1879 {{PD}}

What’s the big story today? The queen of the gods, Juno, conjoins Hygeia, indicator of what’s healthy, and we get–healthy Self-assertion? An unhealthy inclination toward vengeance? Or possibly something more subtle in-between. Here our current power and empowerment position (our status, our ability to reach out and get others to comply with our wishes and goals, and our sense of respect given and received within relationship) meets up with a gold standard of ‘what’s healthy’, and our position and choices are judged by us from there–and not necessarily accurately. There are difficulties with seeing through the fog, with sorting real from imagined, with perhaps a little too much hope that something is ideal, in spite of the reality behind it. Listening to instinct will help; deep inside we know how things really are. It’s just a matter of seeing that reality, and accepting it–easier said than done, but possible, nonetheless.

Mars as Seen from Deimos by Howard Russell Butler {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a pair of things observed in real life: a bright green billboard that reads, ‘It’s time to show off’, and then a man wearing a t-shirt with one word on it: Mars. Seen in quick succession, I took these to suggest we need to assert ourselves, to put some part of our essence ‘out there’, particularly something that at one time or another we may have been chided for, told that nice boys and girls don’t ‘Show off’–but behind the showing off was really a need, to express an innate talent or ability. Today, express that thing you do very, very well. You’re not showing off, you’re offering what you’ve got, and that’s the way it’s meant to be.