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‘Miss Auras’ by John Lavery c1900 {{PD}}

Somehow we just know the powerful idea or thought that expresses both the essence of our authority and that supports our highest values or most important commitments. It’s as if we’re handed the answer of exactly how to, in making our statement to the world–and it just so happens to fulfill our ambitions or desires, as well. An odd sort of day, where things go remarkably smoothly, and we should take advantage of this, as the 31st comes along tomorrow (who knew?) and (mostly) puts the brakes on, hard. If you’re running into upsets, then it’s straight up because you are in some way denying your values.

‘Pigs’ by Franz Marc 1912 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an archetype, ‘The Attention Hog’. This can come in many forms–we’re usually primed to think of someone loud, trumpeting their accomplishments or ‘virtues’, someone who sucks all the air out of the room–but today it takes a very particular shape: the person who, like a dripping faucet, demands little bites of your attention. It may be through the making of repeated, irrelevant or obvious comments, the offering unasked of little bits of ‘advice’, through mysterious and vague remarks meant to elicit questions in the listener, or through small, jabbing ‘challenges’ to those they see as holding some sort of power or authority. See this for what it is, a screaming demand for attention that is underlined by a kind of magnificent arrogance and entitled rage. This person doesn’t even realize that you don’t owe them anything–they would never face their own neediness by asking directly for your energy–and your job today may be to refuse to hand over that piece of yourself they think they deserve.

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