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‘Shade and Darkness – the Evening of the Deluge’ J. M. W. Turner 1843 {{PD}}

We have a jumbly set of aspects today that may make us feel we can’t trust our own instincts, can’t trust our status or position to deliver our influence effectively, and as if ambitions and desires won’t be served–but these perceptions are needlessly negative, an exaggeration of what’s really at play, which is a buried fear about the power of others to overwhelm us, and about the potential influence of things ignored or denied that may prevent us sticking to our values. Do you see where the problem is here? It’s in our fears, not so much in our reality. Keep the focus on priorities and values, and don’t worry so much about measuring or testing your own power; optimism and ‘the facts’ are a better indicator of success than position will be. We operate under a kind of ‘shadow instinct’ at this time, so that we can’t rely on the instinctual nature even as awareness of it hovers near the conscious mind. Instead, rely on skills, a sense of practicality, and the tried and true inner wisdom, for guidance.

Artist Unknown, from ‘Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints’, Benzinger Brothers 1877 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a mass, said in a language you don’t understand. Nearby there is some indecipherable ritual underway, one that requires worship without making its assertions clear. Do you kneel and honor proceedings, or do you get up and walk out? It all depends on why you’re in that ‘church’ in the first place.

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