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‘Mt. Fuji Behind a Spider Web’ By Katsushika Hokusai 19th century {{PD}}

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott

Even if we don’t set out to mislead anyone, we may get tangled up in our own lack of understanding, fuzziness on details, or over-idealistic notions of what is what. We go forth not realizing we don’t really know the outlines of things; we think we have them, but when we come to the point when specifics are required . . . suddenly it’s just indecipherable. What does work? Focusing on ambitions, and our own unique or original or innovative approach (don’t allow old wounds, contrary instincts, or erraticism make you needlessly skittish). Creating comes easily, and rather quickly coalesces into something meaningful, if we don’t try to pin things down or demand a specific material result.

This image reminds us that Cappy isn’t just a goat, he’s a sea goat! By Unknown – http://www.enluminures.culture.fr/documentation/enlumine/fr/visites_00.htm, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1492320

Today’s word image is the month of January 2018. I kept trying to write ‘January’ today, every time a month was called for. Looking ahead, what jumps out at me is the 9th. On that date the Sun, Pluto, and Venus are all at 19 Capricorn; with Earth in opposition, all square Zeus at 19 Libra, and, for a few hours, the Moon as it conjoins Zeus, forming a T-square. This suggests dynamic, permanent, possibly traumatic or dramatic change that affects relationships or finances via the mechanism of friction within the ambition or desire picture. What will change for you? If you have anything at 18-21 Gemini, you’re looking at someone acting, or you acting or choosing, in a way that brings results related to the apex natal placement in Gemini, with the Capricorn gathering sextile Mars as the base of a Finger of God. For everyone else, the most likely manifestations are around subjects of the Houses where the Cappy group sits in relation to subjects of the House where Zeus sits at 19 Libra. It may play out as who you are and what you love interacting with others who have the ability to aid you with, or block, ambition fulfillment. Of course there are other potentials, as well–but it very well may be a day to take note of, probably in terms of change and what it will cost, or what profit it’ll bring.