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Votaire By Agabaranska – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24783153

Today we show our stuff. We’re naturally strong, coordinated, expressing our most original Self, able to do and say just the right thing, and we proceed with eyes on relationships and finances and their future potentials, so we choose with what we want to develop in mind. That’s all wonderful, but as usual, there are a few places we may trip up. We may feel so confident we become aggressive, believing it’s our right to make demands–no. Any missteps rise straight out of an injured sense of Self, wounded identity, memory of lost status, or out of shame or anger from events in the past. Our gifts are at our disposal, but it may be our wounds that make us flex our muscles, unless we do our best to be conscious of our own foibles, and to consciously direct our energies into the positive, natural forms we vibe to most strongly. Though revelations about what has hurt us are possible, and expunging an injury from the psyche could occur, it’s not really a day for sorting that out intentionally; instead it’s prime time for controlling, directing, and making the most of our own impulses, no matter the source.

Today’s word image is a door, specifically a back door to a house. The front door is often reserved for facing those we don’t know, people who approach our house for their own reasons, or for greeting guests on formal occasions. We think of the back door as much less formal, used by family members or those familiar with the house and its residents, often a means of entry and exit used by those who come and go as they please. Sometimes it’s used by those who work for us, rather than by social intimates, in which case we see it as a door of necessity, just as we do if it’s how we typically enter or cart in our groceries. Using the back door is a statement: this is my house–or, I’m close with the people who live here, and welcome. This image could suggest we need to pay attention to those we have a close relationship with, maybe so we can discern the right call in some matter they’re presenting us with (for instance, someone we consider close who asks for something, but when we think in these terms, we realize we don’t feel that chummy, after all, and may not be comfortable with what they’re asking). We may also want to consider who we feel sees us that way–and whether we reciprocate. Or maybe it’s to think about how comfortable we truly are in our current relationships or living situation, or even to remind us of a recent dream or vision involving a door. In any case, a consideration of intimacy, familiarity, and the ‘proper’ interactions within our relationships.

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