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Maestro della madonna della bilancia, madona col bambino, s.elisabetta e s.michele, 1510 ca. Photo By Sailko – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30211792

Venus enters Virgo and at the same time contra-parallels Pallas; what could possibly be unwise about attending to what needs service, to accounting for things, about seeing to the harvest, about fussing over the details, and getting it all done in relationships and finances? More than about the physical situation, this may be about what’s in our heads: we think we’re rejecting fantasy, processing clearly and logically, showing our best, most-attuned-to-reality thinking, but the thing is we’re so bent on avoiding setting off old wounds, or on dodging new hurts, that we throw out the creative baby with the bath water, and in our haste invite accident and the unexpected (which, to be fair, includes the potential for serendipity and revelation, the spark of inventive idea–Merc opp Neptune and sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun opp Chiron). Of course, we’re always offered a way to deal with such friction, and this time it’s through instinct and accessing what we know-but-don’t-know–and that requires a kind of relaxing into our own knowledge, trusting ourselves to know and then follow through on what’s best for us (Sun trine Sedna).

Today’s word image is a cry for help, heard just as you’re falling asleep. That liminal space between consciousness and sleep is typically a place where you can be conscious of what’s in the psychic atmosphere but is not yet overt; this image suggests we’re aware of distress somewhere that we could assist with, but which has not ‘surfaced’ in some obvious way in the material world. Who needs help, and what can, or are you willing, to offer?

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