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Grin Reaper by Banksy, Photo By Szater – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3408893

We could expect big things from others, not noticing the irony in our unwillingness to do anything on our own. We’re not lazy; we need others, or a larger cause, to spur us forward, and yet we anticipate that the world or the social order should step in and motivate us, pick up the slack, give us something to believe in. We are so mistaken. We suffer from two issues: wonky, fantastical thinking, and erratic perceptions of ourselves that drive repeated sudden shifts in the way we see our role, our sense of identity, and that divert our attention something terrible. We can’t quite see that we are asking for precisely what we’re unable or unwilling to give to the world ourselves. Take my word for it, and free yourself from grumbling resentment at the way you can’t seem to get anything truly satisfying out of anyone–instead look toward your own inventiveness (innovative Self-responsibility), and combine it with the wisest thing you know (centered in security and appreciation of the finer things and/ or basic comforts–or tap the skills). Those together can act as a highly effective guide to bumps and valleys today, if only by giving you a safe place to retreat, or a means of comfort or security.

Georges Seurat ‘Morgenspaziergang’ (Morning Walk), 1885 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is planting a tree, needing to go elsewhere, and finding someone to look after it in your absence. It’s time to move on in some area where you’ve got a young, new, or ‘immature’ project or effort ‘planted’ and growing. This is unexpected, but also right. Hand it off to the next person–or trust that the Universe will provide care, and go forward–the recent New Moon is calling, and it’s showing you a new beginning. Trust that what you planted will survive, even as you start something fresh.

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