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Veil Nebula: Wisps of an Exploded Star
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

We’re listening to our instincts today, doing what (we think) comes naturally, so why is everything going cockeyed? The problem is what we’re seeing as instinctual is actually a window into our ‘blind spot’, that area where we just don’t have any perspective on our own take on things, or on our behaviors; the result, then, is that we are choosing and acting in that way we do when we are unaware of the implications and consequences of what we do. Those most embarrassing moments happen when we’re in this groove, the ones that torture us later, because we assess ourselves as having been so naive, so flippant, as having been the only one who didn’t know, in the moment. Today, though, we do have remedies for this–and the first is to absolve yourself from any bad feeling acting from the ‘blind spot’ may have presented.

First, let’s look at the nature of the upsets we may deal with: relationships get down and dirty, seemingly inherently difficult in their essence, and what bothers us is the way they seem to require an element of disempowerment on our part, just to keep the peace. Interactions become a kind of anti-matter power struggle, where the powers exerted can’t be pointed to and named. The thinking today is anti-ambitions; everyone acts like having goals is a selfish thing to do–and yet, we see everyone pursuing their own agenda (oh, there’s a taste of that irony we saw yesterday!) Too, no matter how closely we examine our options, it’s very difficult to discern the right thing, the smart thing, or the wise thing, in all that static.

But, if we’ll make the effort to tune in, Nature supplies the answers, or at least a guideline to help us navigate. We get a measure of reality by assuming the mantle of our own authority, by acting within our ‘natural’ roles (to include those of parent, child, sibling, friend, mate), and by seeing enough worth in ourselves to approach authorities not in a spirit of overlord/ serf, but ready to negotiate something that respects both parties. Could be a tough day, but with the potential to bring significant steps forward, particularly in areas of human relations and Self-regard.

Today’s word image is ice cream. Seems non-controversial, right? A treat for all? No–for those who are lactose intolerant, ice cream is a hellish punishment, so good for a few minutes, and then . . . you know the drill. The image suggests we need to be aware that those things we regard as positive or good may not be so for someone else, for completely legitimate reasons. Keep that in mind today, as you act, react, and interact.