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Circe by Wright Barker (1889) {{PD}}

Ceres enters Leo, and Venus trines Juno. That lion you hear roaring? That’s you! You reap benefits by being Self-responsible, motivated, accepting of both duties and the legitimacy of pursuing your own goals. Unless unless unless: you are a Jupiterian human, married to a certain god-sense within you that grants an assumption of might, and possibly of superiority (and this isn’t automatically a bad thing, it’s a Jupiter thing, making it right for those of a Jupiterian orientation! That kind of Self-perception can make you tackle what others might hesitate to handle, an admirable kind of courage.) If you vibe to Jupiter, you may feel left out today; the strong anima energies that express with such surety, such confidence, may feel to you anti-Jupiterian–which they are not. The lesson to you, my Jupiter friends, is that just because someone else is confident, generous, feeling their own benevolence and yes, let’s admit it, their cleverness, their knowingness bestowed by Nature, more powerful than any random facts or human-cooked-up beliefs, just because they are feeling empowered, doesn’t mean you are any less you–or any less significant to the world.

That said, if those Jupiter energies perceive themselves to be harmed, there’s the potential for some mild lashing out, à la Mr. Burns offering “the beating of your life”: the force is diluted by a serious lack of true impetus behind it–it’s just driven by hurt feelings, which soon enough pass. So, all you Jupiter people must be aware that feeling left out doesn’t mean you really are left out, so no need to react as if you are–and everyone else should tap that dynamic receptive energy, and roar.

By HumanisticRationale at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10542536

Today’s word image is an inappropriate invitation. Are you exercising the kind of discretion that recognizes ‘wrong’ when you see it, or are you prone to dress up the ‘not right’ in harmless garb–and why would you do that? Those who have an honest relationship with themselves will see that’s all it takes to spot the inappropriate or nefarious; those who disguise the inappropriate as acceptable need to realize they’re casting themselves as victim, for some larger, ‘hidden’ reason.