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Farbtafel aus Feuilles d’automne. Neuchatel, Delachaux et Niestle By Philippe Robert 1909 {{PD}}

Today is the Autumnal Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere/ the Vernal Equinox for the Southern. On this day we experience equal measures of darkness and light (though we should note, the farther North or South of the equator you live, the longer it takes for/ the longer after the stated Equinox point your experience of an equal day and night actually occurs–that is, it will be somewhat later/ earlier than its ‘official’ event point today). Astrologically the meaning is in its symbolism of perfect balance between day and night, shown by the tropical entry of the Sun into Libra. Sometimes it’s possible to feel that balance, to experience the tipping point of bold summer into the decline of autumn in Northern climes, the first green or birdsong of renewal in the South. That’s what we wait for, that moment when the shift becomes palpable, a moment we ‘listen’ for four times a year, this time in my part of the world attuning ourselves to days to come with ever-dwindling light.

All things being equal–well they never are, are they?–today offers life-changing ideas, thinking that may destroy, alter, or transform our way of being, and this brings acceptance via the social sphere, new opportunity, or both. We also see the costs of our ambitions and desires, and apply the immense power of the mind to figuring out how to preserve relationships and assets and still get what we want. It’s a Self-centered day, and there should be no qualms about concentrating on what we need; we are doing some major reorganizing, choosing where and how to expend our energies in future–today is the day when we make those all-important plans.

Today’s word image is a dog barking and barking at nothing but crisp air. Is there something you’re agitated about, that you may be sounding the alarm over, or that you may be perceiving as a threat? The image suggests we are wound up over nothing–that’s not to belittle our concern, but instead to say that we may be more upset than is either warranted or useful.