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You’ve tamed a dragon or two in your time–give yourself credit. Illustration from “The Russian Story Book” by Richard Wilson, illustrated by Frank C. Papé, 1916 {{PD}}

It feels like we can’t count on anybody–and what’s worse, it seems as if those others hold all the power! What’s making us feel so much at others’ mercy? We are too divorced from our own creative powers, and that makes us hyper-aware of our perceived inadequacies and injuries (especially those we believe have been inflicted by significant others–Mercury enters Libra)–and who could be expected to feel powerful under those conditions?

We’re looking to the wrong place for support; our attention must go to our status and what it affords us, our natural power position (that is, the energies of personal authority we all hold as autonomous Beings), and we must give ourselves credit for being who we are, where we are. It’s not an accident that we have arrived at this particular point in our lives, holding this particular set of abilities, interests, and connections. Glory in your most unique and original characteristics, and put clear and honest Self-expression ahead of the welfare or maintenance of any relationship.

‘Bo’ By Carl Larsson 1905 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is the color orange. It’s suddenly everywhere–fall has arrived! What shift have you noticed lately, something attention-grabbing, even shocking (that orange!) that you may have been ignoring or putting off dealing with? Change is inevitable, and all the better dealt with when acknowledged.

I won’t be doing Daily posts for a while–I’m taking time in a combination of birthday celebration and attending to medical issues. I anticipate returning to the Dailies no later than 20 October. In between, I will be posting occasionally, the Press will be monitored so there’ll be no interruption in order fulfillment, and those who have standing orders (such as pre-paid Horaries) may still send their queries whenever they need to–I’ll be checking my mail regularly, with a few short periods completely away–but you’ll get your answers as soon as I see and can address them. Thank you all!