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By Ryan Hagerty – This image originates from the National Digital Library of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service {{PD}}

The 15th promises some sort of struggle, though I guess the good news, if we can call it that, is that this occurs within our own minds; erratic, unexpected, and fantastical thoughts lead to actions that arise either from hurt or from our own unique, underutilized skill set, the latter if we are tuned in to our own real-world empowerment position, the former if we’ve abandoned our values or allow rage to be our motivator. Go forward with an eye on the future, but focus most on making good use of lessons learned in the past.

Today’s word image is a mockingbird. These are ‘New World’ birds that are known for mimicry of the songs of other birds and the sounds of amphibians and insects. Has your intuition alerted you lately to someone ‘making the right sounds’ but whose assertions or language doesn’t ‘feel right’ to you? Consider why they might be hiding behind this camouflage–though it’s not necessarily nefarious, you should become consciously aware of the misdirect, nonetheless.

The 16th is one of those days that’s almost magically positive, showing us genius ways to profit or earn love that paves the way to the future, aligning thinking with beliefs (so that there’s no internal discord) and making surrounding opportunities obvious. Our attention is on the reality picture, which offers the benefit of grounding us so that efforts are solid and effective, propelled by an attitude that makes the most of what’s presented.

Today’s word image is the concept ‘Something to Hide’. Right now there seem to be two kinds of people in the world: those who are open, and those who are trying to manage others’ perceptions of them. Honesty, in the most fundamental sense, is what separates the two.

On the 17th Mercury moves into Scorpio, giving us the inclination toward (or maybe the impression of, if we’re really just skimming the surface) digging deep, ruminating on ‘The Mysteries’–as if Jupiter’s entry to the sign hasn’t already prompted some dark explorations–with the danger being we think we’re considering deeply, when we may just be going over old territory. With Scorpio, we may be obsessive or morose, but that doesn’t guarantee we’re plumbing the deep or profound–instead, if we’re afraid, we are likely to do the opposite but convince ourselves we’re diving in. So that’s the admonition for this transit of the Messenger through the dark places: be unafraid, if you want to make the most of it. With both Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio, know that if you lack fear, you’ll get get the facts, and/ or think clearly about beliefs, and messages from others will show you just how serious, destructive, educated, or indoctrinated they really are.

On this same day we also see a tendency to act on instincts or from the ‘blind spot’–how do we tell if those urges are truly instinctual (and therefore to be seen as inner knowledge)? In this instance, if it prompts erratic or unreliable behavior, or an insistence on being ‘original’ that is more about resisting or refusing, then you know ignorance of the actual forces in play is at work, and so that the impulse is unhealthy. Center yourself on who you are, and being unique or original won’t be the concern–it will happen without you even having to think about it.

Jules Schmalzigaug (1914) – ‘Light + Mirrors and crowd, interior of a popular ballroom in Antwerp’ Photo By JoJan – Own work, {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a finely-wrought 18th century porcelain chandelier. A lamp of any kind is symbolically a source of enlightenment, and this one is from long ago. Are we carrying ‘old’ ideas of what’s enlightened, what’s not? If so, are they still of worth now?

For the 18th imagine your ideal state of Being, health in its broadest and most far-reaching sense–and that’s what you can have, if you’re willing to transform circumstances and attitudes to support that vision. Mercury and Jupiter are conjoined today, ramping up yesterday’s potentials and turning the dial to ’11’, at least in terms of our ability to seek out the Truth of any situation. Don’t act out of a need to hide or deny–obvious advice, and yet still people think they can outsmart the Universe. No we can’t.

Today’s word image is another couple of results of Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio: amplified or ‘broadcast’ sexual advances; people ‘getting real’ out of vindictiveness, masking destructive interactions with a pretense of ‘I’m just being honest’; facts cherry-picked and exaggerated for the power they give the speaker; ‘Big Talk’, with the potential for breaking things wide open or transforming the world into a more open place; hiding the facts.

Next up: the New Moon in Libra!