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‘Music Making Couple’ Willem Cornelisz Duyster Early 17th century {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 10:22 PM Pacific time of the 3rd at 11 Taurus 58, and makes only a few contacts within our required close-aspect framework for drawing a Full Moon picture. The most interesting thing to me is that some of the contacts offer the potential for individuals to experience configurations, should they have a natal body or point in the ’empty’ space. For instance, The FM sextiles Neptune, suggesting that if one has a natal placement at 10-14 Libra, then the sextile creates a base for a Finger of God, with the apex the natal body. On its own, the Full Moon-Neptune sextile says inspiration, imagination, ideals, and illusions may, with a little effort or input, reach fruition or conclusion with the FM event; add a personal apex point, and you have a recipe that says, ‘A Neptunian thing that’s brought to conclusion or ‘ripens’ with the event will trigger a tricky or uncomfortable situation that is resolved by adjusting the expression of that natal apex energy.” (Please note: Mars, at 7 Libra 51, is just too far outside an acceptable orb–1.5-2 degrees max–for quincunxes at this point.)

We see a similar situation with the Full Moon’s trine to Juno. Here the aspect suggests that the FM event shows us a likely avenue of, or actually delivers, material empowerment and a sense of authority or effective role in real-world matters (Earth signs). If an individual has a natal placement at roughly 11-15 Virgo, that fills in an Earth Grand Trine, bringing a chance for empowerment via expression of the natal energy, a kind of ‘Grand Result’ brought forward by accomplishment, timing, and a willingness to act within one’s empowered role.

The full moon photographed from the Apollo 11 spacecraft NASA {{PD}}

Lastly, the Full Moon makes a fist on its own: a Fist of God is formed by the Full Moon-Earth square Ceres with apex the midpoint of Saturn-Black Moon Lilith (the latter being at 29 degrees, and so under stress, anyway). I know it’s not exactly kosher to consider a midpoint as a configuration apex, but here we actually need to; otherwise we have a Full Moon that in an energy sense may ‘short-circuit’ in a sextile, trine, and square that offer disjointed and seemingly unconnected outlets for Lunar expression. With the Fist we see impact of one sort or another that forces or necessitates conflict or confrontation within a power situation or dynamic (Ceres), the only hope for resolution of which is found in real-world (Saturn) acknowledgement of transgressions, matters ignored or denied, or in allowing entities already under stress full and uncensored personal expression (BML).

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon (remember, we read the next degree up for any minutes above the 00 mark; in this instance we read 12, listed at the referenced site as 11-12 Taurus) is, ‘A Young Couple Window Shopping’. This is an image of bonded individuals with time on their hands, dreaming, forward-looking. That may seem to negate the idea behind the Fist, until you consider how much a young couple may ignore or deny as in the early stages making the relationship work may seem so vital. Rose-colored vision (Neptune sextile) and a sense of empowerment drawn from a grown-up role (Juno) may incline the individuals/ parties to hide or disregard disparities, disrespect, or power imbalances (square to Ceres) that surface as each entity gets to know the other. Prejudices, assumptions made, and the belief in inequality of the sexes may poison interactions and be muffled, leading to subdued rage and the need to relate to an illusion (Neptune) rather than a three-dimensional individual, Being, or entity (BML). This Full Moon, then, offers a chance to resolve some of the issues that arise naturally in wanting to put our own ‘best foot forward’, and in wanting to see our ideals in the Other. It does it by bringing about a Taurean emotional conclusion or revelation that shows us that we are both personally empowered to handle things, and that we must deal with some real-world disparity or offense, before we can move on.

We also look at the Sun in a Full Moon event: ‘An Official Embassy Ball’. This suggests some en masse social event or shared experience may act as trigger to the conflict and resolution of the Full Moon. The official nature of the symbol implies a wider societal event may mirror our own personal one, and that all may involve a kind of diplomatic outreach, a formalized celebration of roles and relationships, and actions and choices meant to ‘smooth’ interactions.

‘Moonlight’ Ilya Repin 1895 {{PD}}

A culmination of Lunar energy implies an emotional resolution or ending; happening in Taurus, it likely involves comfort, stability, assets, security, or attempts to create these circumstances that reach an apex or conclusion at this time. In this case, the Full Moon may bring easy manifestation of delusions or ideals (Neptune), and effortless autonomy or empowerment (Juno), accompanied by a tough power situation or a denial of or by authority (Ceres). This suggests a mixed bag that brings about something that answers wants but also requires Self-responsibility–and that may be hampered by higher authorities or by others who block or negate our expression, with all of it keyed to resolving the material, physical, or real-world situation surrounding our relationships and/ or our roles–it’s an effort to right imbalances and sweep conditions too long ignored away for good–and it works, if we can acknowledge our true feelings and needs, willingly embrace Self-responsibility, and recognize the reality of our interactions and our situation.