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Part of the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, no. 094, part 3: Autumn By Hiroshige {{PD}}

We’re back living in our own heads again, this time focused on ambitions, identity and personal power/ effectiveness, as well as relationships and the unspoken assumptions and illusions that permeate them. That seems like a lot of material, until we realize that it’s actually laser-focused through the lens of Self. In particular, we are consumed with what we may know but not consciously acknowledge about those closest to us; we need to be aware that our take on the situation will be refracted through our own ambitions and desires, and so be inextricably linked with conditions we want fulfilled specifically because we are so plagued by the needs such fulfillment is meant to serve. That means that we shouldn’t draw any grand conclusions about our relationships or about others today–aim instead for illumination of Self, and to understand what our ambitions and wants actually say about us.

Today’s word image is a photo album, almost completely filled. It’s the season for closing out certain activities, relationships, pastimes, practices, and this is so whether we are actively moving toward these endings or not. Mourn or break it off and be free, but in either case, remind yourself that this is part of a larger pattern, a ‘putting to bed’ of the past, and that it’s making room for the New.

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