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Here’s an obvious statement: being conscious helps us spot danger. Arthur Wardle – ‘A Fairy Tale’ date unknown {{PD}}

Venus opposes Pallas, and this is the aspect that will make a statement in each of our lives today. Every fiber of us that resonates to fulfilling wants and appetites, to the beauty of connection and relationships, to gain and having and giving, will push us in a direction that’s in some way fundamentally unwise or impractical. Think of this as the Universe giving us awareness of our own boundaries; the lack of wisdom or the impractical nature of our wants is reflected back to us or made obvious, and that’s probably something we should be grateful for, as otherwise today it would be too easy to blow past our own restraints, propelled by stress and a need to release pressure. It also means go for what you desire, but have the Self-discipline to pull back when others, surroundings, or circumstances (all playing the part of ‘the Universe’) indicate what a bad idea it is–then just go on to the next thing.

Today’s word image is: you dream of a friend who learns of a terminal illness but this knowledge allows her to break free from restraints and do what she wants. Clearly, it’s a call to liberation, a suggestion that one doesn’t need to wait for a threat to mortality before opening up and following one’s dreams. The only question is, then, does this apply to you, or to someone you know?

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