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Dreams smack right up against the reality of commitments and obligations, and actions and choices, though inspired, suffer from ‘I knew it!’ as what we suspected moves might lead to comes to pass. One thing we can do without dealing with the contrary or conflicting? Make Change. Embrace it, enjoy it, and know that destruction, resurrection, or alteration perpetrated now is right in line with the individual who creates it–meaning it’s an expression of intent and priorities, and therefore of Soul. Be willing to acknowledge what you ‘know but don’t know’, and to make adjustments in the course of creating, for best results.

Today’s word image is a band practicing in the hope of securing a new engagement. What are you ‘orchestrating’ right now that is meant to bring reward? Are your goals realistic for the effort (practice) you’re putting in? And does your choice of expression (what the band is practicing) match the venue in which you want to ‘play’? It’s vital that we don’t practice swimming, say, if what we really want is to fly.

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