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‘Lydia at the Tapestry Loom’ c1881 Mary Cassatt {{PD}}

We may be feeling powerful, adept, that our thinking is on point and that we’ve achieved a perfect balance between spontaneity and ‘the rules’–are we right about that? Yes–enjoy this spurt of confidence, but keep one eye on how we’re drawing a thread from past to future–know that what you do will really matter, some time from now.

Today’s word image is a question: Are you now where and in the state you thought you’d be in one year ago? Consider how your current position differs from that state you imagined, and note what you can do to get closer to realizing what was actually an ideal. You may not have known at that time that you were setting your sights so high; take consolation in knowing you’re a lot closer now than you would’ve been if your goals had only been ordinary–and that means, with most of the work done, you only have a little way to go to make that year-ago vision a reality.

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