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Català: Arc de Triomf (Barcelona) 2010
Source Flickr: Barcelona – Arco del Triunfo (08019/1053)
Author: javirunner Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Juno and Pluto are together in Capricorn, and Vesta is in Libra, with Mercury novile all three. A novile is 40 degrees, and implies a little slice of brilliance offered by the combined energies. So, we see Power Players in the ‘real world’ or dealing with concrete realities (Cap), and cooperative entities invested in high standards and pristine value realization, able at this point in time to communicate, their own priorities and with one another, creating the potential for resolution of major differences. Today provides a window of receptivity wherein those who seemed to have seriously contrasting aims can actually find smart and creative ways to get along, if not join forces. Be on the lookout for sudden opportunities to work out some very knotty problems; our attention will be on what’s healthy (Sun sxt Hygeia), and so guide most to a best-case scenario.

Today’s word image is an event: finding out you aren’t actually part of a Tribe you thought you belonged to. Two things you need to take away upon gaining such a revelation: the first is that this is really a good thing, to know where you don’t belong, and second, that this means there’s another, more comfortable fit out there, somewhere. Be glad when you’re rejected–it’s a loud and clear statement from the Universe, “You’re better than this”–or at the very least, different, in a good way.

Just so you know: there are a couple of places offering free or paid downloads of my books, or offering them in multiple formats, most of which they don’t exist in. These venues not only aren’t authorized to sell or distribute them, they’re likely malware sites, as are any YouTube videos purporting to be by or about me. At this time the only actual sale point is Dog & Sunflower Press. Don’t fall for it–stay bug free!