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This image was so fabulous I just had to use it. It shows the Earth rising from the Moon, as viewed from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter above Compton crater. NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center / Arizona State University – http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/posts/895 {{PD}}

There’s only one new aspect perfecting today, a sesquiquadrate of Venus to Chiron; the only way to see this clearly is to view it as coming in the wake of yesterday’s Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Venus suggests a certain continuity of attention, as we go from a focus on bounty, beliefs, facts, and expansion efforts and opportunities related to assets, finances, relationships, talents, and love, to one that, through difficult or uncomfortable circumstances, will reveal (and possibly allow healing of) our wounds. A tough situation in one or more of these areas could also call forward the personal and very unique Chirotic gifts you carry, gifts that since 2012 I see as available not just to others, but to yourself (for more on this, see here). Overall, a day of serious adjustment, where the positivity, abundance, and over-doing of yesterday give way to consideration of how our assets and relationships can benefit from, handle, or otherwise heal long-standing vulnerabilities and hurts.

Today’s word image is a real-life episode. Just as we were pulling out of a parking lot, I was saying I would give something a try, and as I said the word ‘try’ my eye fell on a bumper sticker that said, ‘Mama Tried’. Some people denigrate the concept of trying; it’s true that it allows for failure (as saying, ‘I will’ does not), but it also removes the potential for Self-guilt or blame, should circumstances beyond one’s control prevent reaching the goal. Using ‘try’ is only a problem if it’s wielded as an excuse; otherwise, it’s far kinder to ourselves to recognize that the Will cannot be arbiter of all things.

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