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‘Treppe in Algier (Steps in Algiers)’ c1882 By Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Today Vesta enters Scorpio, just as Pallas backtracks into Aries; in opposition these two set up a dynamic of values and priorities based on Truth, secrets, or with hidden origins that directly conflicts with personal wants and Will. We see a viewpoint that narrows from the Universal or Collective to the individual, while what we honor focuses more on the dark, dirty truth and less on maintaining a balance in relationships or in being ‘fair’ and equitable in a way that ignores deservedness. We judge, we assess, and we act according to our own authority; what we can’t do is use those assessment-senses to pursue our own ambitions–somehow it’s just not the day for it.

Today’s word image is a book, where the story inside doesn’t match the description on the outside. If we are the book, and what we’re presenting to the world as who we are on the outside doesn’t match our inner wants and needs, how can we be surprised when we’re unhappy?