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‘Yuletide Fortune Tellers’ 1888 By Mykola Pymonenko {{PD}}

Our attention is on healing; it seems to sit in its own light, separate from what’s whirring past us in the world (and Dark of the Moon, which we’re in at this point, is a perfect time to accept healing energies from the Universe)–and yet, thinking is fixated on power (even when we call it something else), and generates unwise or impractical plans, while reality seems to battle with our instincts and intuitions. What to do? It may be that Venus offers us a way out; she is in Scorpio, semi-square Saturn, trine Neptune, and parallel Juno, promising worth in creative activity that dives deep, in dream realization that recognizes both light and darkness, and that relationships can reside in the ideal–and all of this may empower us, even as we may not have an entirely smooth time in manifesting or in dealing with the real world picture. Embrace an attitude of healing in all things, and know it’s a day of challenges that, if well met, may be exceptionally productive, positive, and rewarding.

Today’s word image is a sensation of flying. What does freedom look like, in your world? How much freedom do you have, and do you need more, or in some other form? Ask yourself those questions today.

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