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‘The Boulder’ By Charles Courtney Curran c1905 {{PD}}

We have the best ‘backbone’ today, the kind made from solid values and priorities, with no ambiguities about what’s most important to us. We may still be afraid, but we find the mettle to stand up to what scares us. That figurative backbone supports thoughts and actions, which dovetail nicely, making for effective decision making and little internal conflict. What doesn’t work so well? Going after our ambitions and desires; somehow the direct approach brings resistance out of thin air. Respond by being open to spontaneity, the unusual, the new, and the radical or untried, as these will offer a work around and allow us to take a resilient stand in the face of what might otherwise overwhelm us.

Today’s word image is insomnia. This may sound nonsensical, but have you considered, if you are indeed suffering from lack of sleep, that someone might be sending you bad vibes, and picking up on them causes you to lay awake, ruminating on fears and what could go wrong? Just a thought, but if this is you, don’t waste time trying to pinpoint who’s sending you the poison thought pill; instead remind yourself, each time your mind goes *there* that those things aren’t happening right now, that it’s fruitless to try to live in the future, and that you are actually safe and sound, in the present.