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Caspar David Friedrich ‘On the Sailing Boat’ c1819 {{PD}}

Our values support our ambitions and desires, and vice versa, what we want is right in line with our highest values and priorities, and that should make for smooth sailing–but we may be blown off course by surfaces, especially in relationships, and by financial issues. Both those Venusian subjects seem to need change or significant transformation, but as the Sun enters Sagittarius we may find all our energy and attention is initially on ambition fulfillment, and unless Venus matters are part of that . . . well, we may neglect them, preferring to go with the tide, as it promises reward and satisfying results. That’s okay, though, as the real point of all this is to make us aware of those Venusian subjects and the way they have impacted our past, and how they will shape the future, largely by those things we didn’t get and those we won’t ever attain. Being deprived of what we want has steered us in specific directions–and right now you have a chance to see into the future, and how current finances and relationships, as well as current wants, will shape what comes.

Today’s word image is a brightly colored parrot, capable of speech, that doesn’t speak. This image may point to ‘natural’ abilities that we are, for one reason or another, not using. What do you have in your ‘toolbox’ that you’ve let languish? Time to dust it off–though you don’t realize it yet, that ability is the perfect answer to a recent question, or maybe one that you’re just now asking.

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