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Jan Toorop ‘Mother’ 1891 {{PD}} Photo by https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Vassil

This New Moon occurs at 3:42 AM PST of the 18th at 26 Scorpio 19, closely opposed Sedna (and that means Sedna is conjoined Earth); the NM is also in close semi-sextile to Saturn, trine Chiron, and quincunx Uranus. The New Moon initiates new attitudes, actions, perceptions via feeling (Scorpio is a Water sign), and in this case offers a dose of healing energy, as well. Our instincts and matters we ‘know but don’t know’ may seem alien at this time, but the reality is the New Moon beginning draws us into using those instincts, into real-world situations or obstacles that require we call forth that deep, instinctive knowledge, and by confronting us with the unexpected, the shocking, the surprising. What occurs now gives us the chance to use talents or skills we may have thought dormant or non-existent, and urges a willingness to modify efforts to accommodate the material situation and/ or our own inclination toward originality or uniqueness (with that latter, we may need to curb a too-erratic response nature, or may need to adhere to more practical measures than we might otherwise consider). The New Moon in Scorpio gives us a Truthful Beginning that can lead to further discovery, the unanticipated, and to healing, down the road.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Military Band Marches Noisily On Through The City Streets’. Whatever begins here makes an entrance, and a loud one! What we have to remember is that, despite the ruckus, what marches before us isn’t necessarily that important. A parade is a public statement on what prevalent social elements want to emphasize, celebrate, or otherwise note as of concern; that makes a parade a bit like advertising, an attempt to persuade onlookers that this is what the current social order honors and promotes–but it only takes a moments consideration to realize that a parade is propaganda, and may not at all reflect real-life priorities or actual matters deemed sacred. Parades are voices of those who hold power–remember, parades come originally from military displays meant to impress–so look behind the surface statement, to where time, attention, and money actually goes, to inform those New Moon instincts and emotions that drive uncovering of what’s true, beyond all the spectacle and noise.

By Sunday the 19th we may be so fixated on the Mars-Pluto square and the automatic contentiousness it fosters that we may miss the benefits of mining a tactic from the past in order to realize goals and gain, and so shape the future. Thoughts and actions can be forward-looking and so fortuitous, if we can do two things: avoid demanding unilateral acknowledgment that you are in authority or hold power (that is, be not just modest but allow others to feel they have their own say or authority, too), and be willing to recognize what you’ve been ignoring, denying, or enraged over–and then let it go, even as you allow it to give perspective to actions and choices.

Today’s word image is a milkmaid carrying a pail of milk. This brings to mind the saying, ‘You are what you do’, which points out that in a material world, our actions, not our thoughts, define us.

As of Monday the 20th, it’s easy to see how we can channel the past into the present productively; this allows us to make the most of situations that might not otherwise have paid off, and shows us the hidden benefits in any obstacles we might encounter. Just be aware that it may be necessary to modify efforts and attention, as well as to see identity as flexible, so that results are truly wise or practical–if we don’t, we may miss the mark.

Today’s word image is: you mention something you’re missing, and immediately find an abandoned one right in front of you. That’s very vague, so I’ll outline the instance that inspired it: I’d forgotten my Remembrance Day poppy at home, and upon mentioning it, my husband said, “Well here’s one”, and reached down and picked up a pristine one from its spot in a snow bank. I wore it until it fell off the next night in a restaurant, where I assume it was found by someone else who needed it. Just a vivid episode of a responsive Universe, so know it responds, and know that, one way or another, you are being provided with answers/ what you need.

Have a great weekend!

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