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Eanger Irving Couse ‘Walpi Pueblo’ 1903 {{PD}}

You notice significant healing–well that’s good–and the mind is steady (if a bit repressed) and in tune with what’s smart and practical. Relationships and/ or finances, however, seem out-of-control or erratic in nature, divorced from the instinctual responses and reactions that can be so reassuring–and this may contribute to the sense that actions are futile, that choices don’t matter, or that at the very least one is disempowered by circumstances or the general opposition or uncooperativeness of others. Now is the time to plan, to lay the foundation, but not to go after results; stick to what you have control over–you can be there for you, even when others aren’t.

Today’s word image is a beautiful pine board, stored so long that it’s gently warped from dampness. Use what you’ve got; otherwise, one way or another, it becomes unusable.