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Thinking about it won’t help today–perceptions are just too skewed to be accurate. George Dunlop Leslie – ‘Alice in Wonderland’ c1879 {{PD}}

Actions may be inspired, supported by the spiritual or the creative, or driven by delusions, but in any case it’s subtle, and choices are hard to see for what they really are, with Mars parallel Neptune. Add to this that we may favor what we desire over what’s practical or wise; relationships or financial possibilities may urge us to bend our own rules–don’t. (Venus quincunx Pallas). It’s a day during which remaining aware that perceptions may be mirage-like, wavering and shifting with the atmosphere, will be our best chance at avoiding a fall down the rabbit hole.

Today’s word image is an avenue of trees, filled with tiny lights. There’s something magical about the outdoors lit at night. Is it our lizard brain, relieved that we’re not vulnerable in the pitch-dark, is it the child within delighted at the spectacle, or is it that there are few other atmospheres that are so inherently romantic? It may be that we process this image with such optimism because a lighted avenue implies a ‘bright future’, somewhere still to go in life–and we all need that sense of positivity, movement forward, adventure, and purpose. If your idea of the future is ‘dark’, you might ask yourself what it would take to ‘light up’ the way forward, to make it truly worth living.