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I’m assuming Collins and Jordan were not married to each other. Photo By Lola’s Big Adventure! from Washington/Newcastle/Sunderland, UK – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3830052

I want to say our hearts are in the right place, with actions guided by our highest values, but it’s more like our spirits are in the right place, as our hearts may be wedded to transformation in the positive, to reform, or may carry a bit of larceny or destruction in their warm and willing cockles (Mars parallel Vesta, Venus novile Pluto). We do, we choose, and we act in accord with those things we honor, and perhaps this happens because we are open to change to our loves and loyalties; being willing to walk away, to sacrifice, means that we are perpetually choosing to do things for affirming reasons, not out of obligation or a sense of being trapped–and a life rooted in the joy of choosing to is much more rewarding than a life of obligation.

Thinking, already riding through the retrograde fog, takes a turn away from believing in our own sense of personal authority, leaving us unsure, particularly in awareness of our own rights–somehow the social sphere jars our surety in ourselves, making us wonder if ‘their’ way is superior. Hint: it’s not. (Mercury contra-parallel Ceres and semi-square Jupiter). It’s a day to feel our way forward, to trust instincts, and to bank on our own good intents.

Awareness works better than a sword for the ghosts we’re talking about. Photo from “Hours with the Ghosts or, Nineteenth Century Witchcraft” by Henry Ridgely Evans, 1891 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a distinct ‘form’, spotted repeatedly out of the corner of one’s vision, that is not, in any Saturnian sense, ‘there’. Is someone ‘haunting’ you, appearing just out of direct perception? Is this a Being from another dimension, a ghost of relationships past (or maybe even future), or someone operating on this plane in the Now and doing things that affect you but remaining out of your sight/ consciousness? The message may be simple: widen your attention, and be open to learning about what you don’t see–sometimes it’s hard to accept that something can be without our witnessing it–time to get more sophisticated in our perceptions. I know, Merc retro, yada yada, but this is a launch point, to introduce the concept–don’t expect immediate results, even though that’s certainly a possibility.

Have a great day!