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By Rhbrakman – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38497984

Our empowerment is found in following instincts, and at least somewhat in allowing ourselves to let the idea that we ‘know but don’t know’ dominate. What we do is highly effective, but whether we get the results we want or not is dependent on our own thoughts and perceptions: we get to see ‘where our head’s at’, with thoughts and ideas often literally appearing in solid form or creating the circumstances before us. It seems like magic, but it’s really just that we’re temporarily immersed in a hyper-concrete vein of Universal energy; stay positive, flow with it, and I guarantee that at some point today you’ll get direct proof of how important an optimistic and fearless attitude can be.

Today’s word image is: on the grounds of a lion tamer’s compound, a lion roams free. This image comes from a memory from my childhood (I may have told this before, and if so, apologies). We lived in a rural part of California, and down the road lived an actual, honest-to-god lion tamer and his wife. My parents were friends with them, and one day when I was 5 my mother took me to visit. As we drove up to the house, my mother turned to me and said, ‘Now watch out, because there’s an old lion that’s loose. Don’t think it’s tame, it will hurt you”–and then we got out of the car. I think that walk between the car and the house was the longest walk I’ve ever taken. Is there someone communicating things that are scaring the bejeezus (spell correct offered ‘bejewels’!) out of you? And if so, have you asked yourself what kind of person would want to scare another person so badly?

From today’s vantage point, just the idea that we can or should ‘tame’ a wild animal, caging them and using whips to force certain behaviors, makes those who see that as our prerogative barbarians. And in case you’re wondering, a few years later the lion tamer was killed, in the ring during a performance, by his own animals.

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